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About T.D. McNeil Insurance Services

T.D. McNeil Insurance was founded by Terry McNeil, an insurance professional with over 40 years of experience.  A professional risk-manager, Terry brings expertise normally reserved for major corporations to all our clients.

Our Fresno office is staffed by Elizabeth Rooney, an experienced professional who cares and provides for her clients exceptional service.

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Together at the Top
Our Mission

We have two goals.  First, we want to provide you excellent insurance options, giving you the coverage you need at a fair price.


Second, we are there for you when life happens and you need to make a claim.  We walk you through the claims process and advocate for you.


We are located in Fresno, in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, and we operate throughout California.

Call or text: 559-281-4535

Fax: 559-321-7989

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